Starting a Blog with plain HTML


Project: Blog

I think every developer who grew up around the time of web 2.0 has tried to write a blog at one point or another. There's a logic to the decision. Blogs have the opportunity to improve one's job prospects, improve the odds of conference talk acceptance, open the opportunity to revenue through ads or sponsorships, etc. Of course, blogs require effort to maintain and a commitment to consistency that lasts for years. It's lead to blogs relaunched time and time again only to rot away or go years between updates. This has been my experience, and while I have little hope this blog will last longer, my thought is to start from scratch to avoid worrying about how each blog entry looks.

I'm taking inspiration from Yesterland, who has been writing raw HTML for 25 years. While I hope one day to introduce RSS feeds and other niceties of static site generators, focusing on content first seems like a winning strategy (and obvious, in retrospect).

Ideas for the future:

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